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Thursday, 23 March 2006

Have you ever had an idea for a tutorial or a small project that you suspected could be useful to someone else but you just didn't have a place to share it?  Have you wondered where you could get useful downloads and 'how to' information regarding your Ulead software? If so, read on.

This site is dedicated to sharing information and sample projects for Ulead Systems software. Here you will find tutorials written by users containing hints and tips that hopefully will get your creative juices flowing.  The downloads section contains small projects and examples that can be modified to fit your own personal needs.


I have started things off with a few tutorials and projects of my own.  Some of the material are things that I've made available in the past.  Some of it is new content.  However, to make this site a success I need help from the user community.  If you have a tutorial  or small project that you would like to share please consider submitting it for publication. Ideas for downloadable items could include but is certainly not limited to:

  • Cool3D Production Studio graphics, compositions, animated objects.
  • MediaStudio Pro projects and examples, Smart Compositor templates.
  • DVD menu templates for DVD Workshop and DVD MovieFactory.
  • Tutorials for any of the above

 All submissions will be considered, however, there are a few things that must be kept in mind.

  1. You must register before you can submit anything for publication.  Registration enables you to submit files in the downloads section (up to 10 MB).  It is a simple process that really only ensures that you provide a valid email address. This information will NEVER be provided to anyone for anything.
  2. You will be given complete credit for anything that is published.
  3. By submitting files, you are agreeing to allow others to download and use the material as they see fit.  It would be nice if they gave credit where credit is due, but not guaranteed.
  4. Submissions containing copyrighted or erotic material will not be published.
  5. If after making a submission you don't like the way it is presented here or have second thoughts about making it available, it will be pulled from the site upon request, no questions asked.
  6. Works that are submitted must be your own.  Remember, your name will be on it. If ownership issues arise, the content will be pulled from the site first and questions asked later.

The submission process is fairly simple.  Logon to the site and go to the downloads section.  Click on the 'Submit File' link. Fill in the 'Upload File for Repository' form with as much information about your submission as possible.  It is best if you can provide your submission in archive (zip) form.  The archive should contain not only the item(s) being submitted but, if possible, a screenshot image.  Where appropriate, small windows media (wmv) and/or quicktime (mov) samples of the work are also encouraged.

Download submissions will hopefully be reviewed and published within 24/48 hours.

Tutorials can be submitted as Microsoft Word documents with embedded images or as HTML, again in an archive (zip) file. If you just want to provide the tutorial as a downloadable item, indicate that in your submission.  Tutorials that are to be placed on the site as an article will take a little longer to publish.


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