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This project was originally meant to be a Smart Compositor template, however, I couldn't get Smart Compositior Designer to produce the template correctly.  It is a promotional sequence touting the virtues of Smart Compositor.  It could be customized to promote anything you desire.  Just unzip the file and open the .dvp project file in MSP.  MSP should inform you that some files have been relinked.  You can then replace the supplied images with images/video of your own. Change the titles to fit your situation and you're done.

Duration: 30 seconds.

Links to sample output:

 Windows Media  Quicktime
 SCPromo.wmv (687 KB) (1.08 MB)

MediaStudio Pro 8 required.



Submitted On:
Jul 02 2007
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Web Master (thebos)
File Date:
Apr 02 2006
File Author:
Ken Lowther
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