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Written by Ken Lowther   
Saturday, 29 December 2007
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3D Photo Effect From A 2D Image
Framing the 3D photo
Cutting Out the Dancing Couple
Finishing touches

Finishing touches

The most difficult part of the project is out of the way. All that remains are some finishing touches to spruce up the final image. In the Layer Manager, click on the base image to activate it then right click and select 'Duplicate' from the context menu.  This should create a copy of the base image (Figure 33).

Figure 33

Making sure that the duplicated object is active, key CTRL+F or select 'Fill' from the Edit menu. In the Fill dialog box, select the Gradient tab and change the settings to match those in Figure 34 and select OK.

Figure 34

This should fill the duplicated object with a nice white to black gradient as shown in Figure 35.

Click to see actual size
Figure 35

To further enhance the 3D look, add a shadow to the dancing couple by clicking on the object in the layer manager and keying SHIFT+S or right clicking and selecting 'Shadow' from the context menu.  Change the settings in the Shadow dialog box to match those in Figure 36 and select OK.

Figure 36

And finally, add a shadow to the 3D photo frame using the settings shown in Figure 37.

Figure 37

Your finished project should now appear much the same as that in Figure 38.

Figure 38

With that, the conclusion of this tutorial is finally at hand.  Here is another simpler example of how a 3D effect can be applied.

Original Image

3D Effect

As you can see, the possibilities with this technique are endless, limited only by your imagination.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and was able to get something useful from it.

Happy editting.


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