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Some Tips For Using Cool 3D
Written by Kathy Rouse   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The following tips along with links to some web sites of interest are also available in the form of a pdf document that can be downloaded here.

·Working in the Timeline: If your animation is misbehaving, look at the timeline for keyframes for each attribute.  If there is a keyframe that you didn’t mean to put there, highlight the attribute and go to the rogue keyframe by clicking on the little arrows at the bottom of the timeline. Click on the minus at the bottom of the timeline to remove a keyframe. Click play in the Navigation Toolbar to see if this has solved the problem.

·When animating an object, regularly check the following:

  1. If working on more than one object, check that you have the object of your desires selected. It should be highlighted in the Object Manager, and its name should also appear in the Object List in the Object Toolbar and the Timeline.

  2. Check that the attribute you wish to animate or change, such as color, position, or orientation is highlighted in the Timeline.

·Wherever the Ruler Bar is in the Timeline that is where any changes that you make will occur. Check that you are where you want to be. If you’re making changes to an object that you don’t want to animate, make sure you apply the changes at frame 1.

·Remove any changes made to an object at the current frame by clicking on the Reset Transform icon in the Location Toolbar.


This restores the object to its original state at the current frame, clearing any applied transformation.

·Using Help: Go to Help>Help Topics

  1. You may find it useful to keep help on top while you are working. To do this open Help and click on Options>Keep Help on Top and put a tick next to On Top.
  2. Move the mouse over any of the icons in Cool 3D and you will receive a tool tip with the name of the icon.
  3. Click and drag the Help icon Image at the top of the window over an item of interest and click. You will get instant access to help topics pertinent to that particular item.


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